Tel Aviv streets

Tel Aviv is the vibrant hub of Israel. No Israel visit is complete without spending a couple of days at least in this metropolis. With regard to culture Tel Aviv compares with New York, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, and Berlin. Whether you are into art, music, architecture, design, food, you name it, Tel Aviv is the place to visit. Add to that sunny beaches and the sea and I doubt you’ll find much competition.

While on a tour through some of the many art galleries I managed to take some photos of street scenes and architecture.

Bauhaus architecture

Bauhaus style in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv architecture

Ahad Ha’am Street

Tel Aviv architecture

Historic school building in Ahad Ha’am street

Modern architecture

Highrise building near Rotschild Blvd.

The last picture shows a modern highrise office building. Nowadays they seem to pop out everywhere in Tel Aviv. But pay attention to the one-story building in front from the early 20th century.

The name Tel Aviv was inspired by Herzl’s book “Altneuland” meaning “old new country”. “Tel” is an archaeological mound or hill made of layer upon layer of rubble from many generations of people living and rebuilding on the same place. “Aviv” means “spring” in Hebrew, symbolizing the new beginning. The name Tel Aviv is taken from Ezekiel 3:15, “…and I came to the exiles at Tel Aviv”.

Rothschild Blvd. is also the place to be if you are into new-age technologies.

ebay innovation center

Israel innovation center

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