Judean Desert – Photo Tour

Since ancient times the Judean Desert is known as a dwelling place but also as a refuge for different cultures and religions. There we can find the centers of religious sects, lonely hermit caves and the remains of magnificent winter residences of well-known rulers, all set within the unique landscape next to the lowest point in the world – the Dead Sea. A perfect opportunity to capture the magnificence with our camera.

The first destination of our tour is Masada, the Herodian winter palace and place of the last Jewish resistance against the Romans. Then we drive north along the Dead Sea to Qumran to visit the remains of the Essene settlement and the place where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered. As an alternative option to Qumran we drive to the Metzoke Dragot viewpoint overlooking the Dead Sea (depending on weather and visibility). Our next destination is the St. Gerasimus lavra and the palm grove from the British mandate period. From here we pass by Jericho on our way towards Jerusalem, and turn right towards Wadi Qelt to the lookout over the St. George Monastery. At last we reach the Ein Prat spring and the nearby Chariton monastery.

Important note: Depending on the weather and the visibility I may suggest some last minute changes to the itinerary.

Important items:

  • Sun hat or cap
  • Sunscreen or sunblock with sufficient UV protection


From Jerusalem: $530*

From Tel Aviv: $510*

Additional quotes – for different locations, group or VIP tours – upon request!

* All prices are daily fees that cover planning and guiding.

Not included are transportation, entry fees (where required), cable car tickets, meals, and any other personal expenses. I will be happy to organize a car or minibus with driver.

Additional information and booking

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