Israel Bird Photography Tours

Under the title “Israel bird photography tours” I am offering individually planned photo tours for bird lovers. Depending on your preferences, the season and the location(s), the Israel bird photography tours can last from a few hours to multiple days. Locations can be anywhere from the Yarkon park in Tel Aviv, to the Golan Heights, Yizreel valley, Jordan valley, the Negev or Eilat. Options are plenty.

Located at the crossroads of Africa, Asia and Europe, Israel is a paradise for bird watching and bird photography. Every year hundreds of millions of birds migrate from Europe and Asia to Africa and back – through Israel. Lush valleys in the North, mountains in the center, the Mediterranean Sea and the coastal plain to the West, desert in the East and to the South. Each region provides its own habitats to indigenous bird species and those passing through.

Some of the bird watching and photography places may be close to your hotel. Many of the photos above were taken in winter and spring at the Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv. Even Jerusalem has its own bird watching site. Right outside Eilat is the Bird Sanctuary, one of the most important stop-over sites for migrating birds. Another bird heaven is the Hula lake in Northern Galilee, not far from the Sea of Galilee. Towering above the Hula lake and the Sea of Galilee are the Golan Heights, where the Gamla Nature Reserve – at the site of the ancient Jewish town of Gamla – is home to Griffon vultures, Egyptian vultures and other birds of prey. After years of decline, the Griffon vulture population in Israel has reached a new high in 2020.

Throughout the year, one can find birds of prey such as Bonelli’s eagle and Griffon vultures in the Negev near Sde Boker. Last not least the Jordan valley: during migration season, this place is heaven on earth for ornithologists.

It’s difficult to tell the best time for bird photography in Israel, as each month has its highlights. March-April and September-October-November are generally recognized as the “high seasons”. Bird Life Israel has published a “Birding month by month” list of what a bird watcher might expect.

I will be happy to help plan your bird photography trip to Israel and provide tour guide services, vehicle, etc.

See you in Israel!

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