Photo Tours

I’m an avid photographer and – combined with my knowledge of Israel and its many attractions – I am able to offer specially designed photo tours. These tours are geared to travelers who are fed up of being at the right place in the wrong time, or at the right time in the wrong place when taking a photo.

Photography is all about light. On these tours I try to take into account the main factors that influence your landscape or cityscape pictures: location and hour/light. The best light for outdoor pictures is often available early in the morning or just before sunset, which is why the starting times of the tours vary according to season.

These tours are likewise suitable for amateur, advanced, and professional photographers. As for camera gear, anything that takes pictures will normally do. Some tours may require special equipment, for example a tripod. If you haven’t got a tripod, I will gladly lend you mine. See my post on camera gear for more on that subject.

The tours below are some examples. Please contact me for additional photo tours.

Judean Desert Photo Tour
Jerusalem Photo Tour
Caves in Israel Photo Tour
Israel Bird Photography Tours

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