Mediterranean Coast

From Tel Aviv to Akko (Acre) along the Mediterranean Sea

Bahai Gardens Haifa

Bahai Gardens Haifa

There are so many places to see along Israel’s Mediterranean coast that it is difficult to list them here, let alone visit them all in one day. This is why I offer individual, tailor-made tours that combine the must-see highlights with some lesser-known sites that fit your specific interests and preferences. Below are some of the destinations that may be included in a day trip.

Appolonia National Park (Arsuf)
Caesarea Maritima
Tel Dor / Dora
Mizgaga (Glass Factory) Museum
Atlit Detainee Camp (Museum)
Akko / Acre



From Jerusalem: $510*

From Tel Aviv: $490*

Additional quotes – for different locations, group or VIP tours – upon request!

* All prices are daily fees that cover planning and guiding.

Not included are transportation, entry fees (where required), meals, and any other personal expenses. I will be happy to organize a car or minibus with driver.


Additional information and booking

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