Jazz at the Beit Haamudim

Not only does Tel Aviv offer picturesque beaches, beautiful (wo)men, and sun almost all year round. The city is also a top destination when it comes to culture holidays. Jazz aficionados will love the Beit Haamudim (pillared house) pub that offers live Jazz performances every day at around 10 p.m. except Friday. Along with the music and the great audience you can enjoy a fresh beer, a glass of wine or some light meals and snacks. The Beit Haamudim is located at 14 Rambam St., Tel Aviv (accessible through the Nahalat Benjamin pedestrian zone). Follow the link above for an up-to-date program.

Life Jazz at the Beit Haamudim

Life Jazz at the Beit Haamudim, from left to right: Alon Benjamin, drums; Alexander Levin, sax; Yoav Shlomov, guitar; Tomer Bar, piano

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