Hamas War on Israel

A week ago I woke up to the sound of sirens. Rockets rained down on Tel Aviv and, much more so, on the towns, cities and kibbutzim around the Gaza strip. This was only a cover for the most vile, barbaric attack in modern times. The massacre perpetrated by Hamas and their Palestinian allies enters history as the worst pogrom on Jews since the holocaust. Hamas declared war on Israel!

We all saw the pictures and heard the unbelievable stories of survivors. There are many questions on how this could happen. How Israel failed to prevent this disaster. It’s an open secret that most Israelis blame the government for this failure, but the good news is that Israel stands united in these difficult times.

October 8, 2023: Israelis donate blood for the wounded in the worst massacre of Jews since the holocaust
People stand in line to donate blood as hospitals treat the 3000 wounded by the Hamas massacre

Organizations across the political spectrum work together to organize help and supplies. Just as an example, the day after the attack thousands of people in Tel Aviv alone went to donate blood. Everywhere citizens volunteer to help out where resources are strained.

Destruction of Israel

Hamas launched this war with one goal: to destroy the Jewish state. They and their allies will not stop until they kill the last Jew. Hamas is inspired by Nazi ideology that was imported from Germany before and during WW2.

Swastika on a Palestinian flyer from the 1936-1939 Arab revolt in Palestine (source: Iwo Jorda, Araberaufstand)

An attack from Gaza will not bring down Israel. Hamas, sponsored by Iran, wants to extend the war and calls for Palestinians in the Israeli-controlled West Bank and within Israel to join the fight. So far they have had limited success. Some Israeli Arab leaders openly denounced the vicious pogrom by Hamas.

While the West Bank Palestinians present a danger to Israel, the real threat is Hezbollah and Iran, with its allies in Syria, Yemen, etc. The Iran-proxy Hezbollah alone is believed to have around 150,000 rockets of various sizes and capabilities. And a military infrastructure that makes many larger nations jealous. Over the past few years Iran, which supported president Assad during the Syrian civil war, has established forces and weapons inside Syria and along the border with Israel.

Neighboring Jordan holds about 2.1 million Palestinians, most of whom carry Jordanian citizenship. Last Friday hundreds of thousands of people (some say more than a million) marched in Jordan’s capital Amman in support of Hamas. Near the border with Israel, Hamas sympathizers tried to cross the border, but were held back by Jordanian police and forces.

There is a tangible threat of a multi-front attack on Israel.

Help from the United States of America

Never before has an American president shown more support for Israel than now. Most important, deeds followed words! Israel and its people are well aware and most grateful for this unprecedented help.

Not only does America supply much needed anti-missile rockets to save our population (we see them daily in use). The clear warning of the US president together with the presence of the largest US aircraft carrier (with a second one on its way) is an important deterrent to the enemies of Israel. It remains to be seen if Hezbollah and other Iranian allies dare to take on the USA. So far Hezbollah has only fired a few shots at Israeli military installations, without causing much damage nor casualties. Hamas has launched two attacks from Lebanon where terrorists crossed the border into Israel. An Israeli soldier was killed in the fighting.

What You Can Do

It should by crystal clear to everyone that Hamas and their affiliate terror organizations are terrorists, not freedom fighters. The Palestinians living in Gaza under their terror regime suffer as much as the Israelis do.

Be Aware of Who You Support

Hamas enjoys wide support from around the world. Sometimes we finance them without our knowledge or intend. With letters and actions we can help increase awareness and prevent the terrorists from roaming free and unheeded. Here a shortlist of countries and organizations that, directly or indirectly, support Hamas:

  • United Nations: The United Nations and its sub-organizations provide much needed help to the Palestinians. This may be true, but by doing so they enable and support the Hamas terror regime in Gaza! Local UN workers are recruited from the Palestinian population, some of whom are Hamas supporters and operatives. As difficult as it may sound, without the UN help, the Hamas could have never remained in control of the Gaza strip.
    Any and all moneys and help, except for life-supporting food and supplies administered directly to the population, should be suspended until the Hamas terror regime is relinquished.
  • Qatar: This country is both an ally of America (the USA has important military bases there) and a supporter of Hamas. It hosts some of the Hamas leadership and finances Hamas with millions of dollars a month, with consent from Israel.
    Qatar is home to the state-owned, international news network Al Jazeera, the largest and most popular one in the Middle East. It is also by far the most influential news source for Palestinians. Over the years Al Jazeera has not only provided a biased, anti-Israel stance in its reporting, but also helped Hamas by weakening the more moderate Palestinian Authority.
  • Turkey: Turkey has the second largest army of all NATO states and is the most important base for NATO operations in the Near East and Balkan. But Turkey is also harboring Hamas terrorists. Whenever there is a conflict with Hamas, Turkish president Erdogan voices strong criticism against Israel.
  • NGOs: Great nations distinguish themselves by the willingness to help others in need. No country in the world donates more to worthy causes than the USA. But there are some less worthy causes: NGOs that support Hezbollah or Hamas or similar terror organizations.
  • Many countries around the world still do not designate Hamas as a terror organization. Among these countries are Norway and Switzerland.
  • The USA, the UK and the European Union designated Hamas as a terror organization. Many countries have laws in place that punish people supporting terror organizations. They should apply these laws.

Moral Clarity

When America was attacked on 9/11, the whole world stood behind the war against Al-Qaeda. Many nations, including Arab countries, joined that war. Nobody talked about “proportionate response”, as some journalists and commentators do now. No UN secretary general got confused between the terrorists and the victims.

With 1300 Israelis killed out of a population of only 9.2 million people, the Hamas massacre of Israelis last weekend was 40 times as bad as 9/11 in the USA. Almost everybody in the country has lost some relative or friend, or at least knows some of the victims.

After the brutal Hamas attack, a number of Harvard students got very confused (or perhaps not?) and blamed Israel for the massacre. Antisemitism is rampant in universities, not only in the USA. In the case of Harvard, people called this antisemitism out loud and put up the names and faces of the signatories. While shaming may be a questionable method, companies would not want to employ people who openly support or legitimize terrorism.

New York City mayor Eric Adams gives a wonderful example of moral clarity in his recent speech.

Against Antisemitism

Antisemitism can take many forms, from verbal abuse of Jews or Israel-sympathizers to physical assault. The Hamas call for a “Friday of rage” was met in many countries with demonstrations of support for Palestinians and the Hamas, although most of them were small.

Thankfully many governments increased their protection of Jewish institutions. So far there has been only one victim – an Israeli tourist shot by an Egyptian policeman. People around the world stand with Israel and rally on the streets. In Berlin, Germany, a large crowd of Israel supporters protected the synagogue in Kreuzberg.

Activists post flyers around cities with photos of the Hamas captives and abductees. You can download them here: https://miff.no/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/Flyer-Captives-and-abductees-121023.pdf.

See also the TV interview of author Douglas Murray.


The Hamas attack is the beginning of what they hope to be the annihilation of Israel. Back in 1996 Hamas was responsible for derailing the peace process through terror, depriving the Palestinian people of their independence and prosperity. For Hamas, it’s all or nothing – Israel must be destroyed. If Israel does not dethrone Hamas, there is a chance for a human catastrophe. But not how the UN foresees it.

See also the interview with Tom Friedman on the immediate and wider aspects of this war.

A 1982 documentary provides some historical background to the conflict.

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