Four One Six Vegan Restaurant

Ever since my daughter turned vegan, I’m on the lookout for suitable restaurants. Today we went to the Four One Six vegan restaurant in Tel Aviv, HaArba’a Street, my daughters favorite of all!

Vegetarian and vegan food is very trendy. But the traditional Middle Eastern kitchen has always offered plenty of choices for vegetarians and vegans – humus, falafel, tabbouleh, baba ghanoush, fresh salads to name a few. Many meat places have vegan options, too. And then there is a growing list of all-round vegan restaurants, especially when you come to Tel Aviv.

four one six vegan restaurant
Vegan skewer at the Four One Six (416) vegan restaurant

Some of these restaurants display an obvious distaste for meat and anything that looks like it. Not so at 416 – this totally vegan restaurant manages to create dishes that can easily fool die hard carnivores. A peek at the menu reveals “shawarma”, “skewer”, “steak”, “calamari” and more. All of these dishes are 100% plant based, created from plant protein that has been specially prepared and treated by chef David Barzilai.

Talking about home-made: nothing in this restaurant is mass produced, everything is prepared in the restaurant, including the many sauces that make these dishes so delightful.

The FourOneSix features a cocktail bar with a variety of delightful drinks. Aside from the delicious food we also enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere and excellent service.

Will my non-vegan friends enjoy this vegan restaurant?

Most likely yes. The vegan “meat” dishes have a rich, almost meat-like flavor. And the many positive reviews speak for themselves.

Price: $$-$$$

Warning: The servings are very generous.

Telephone: +972 3-775-5060

Home page:


Address: 16 HaArba’a St., Tel Aviv

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