COVID-19 in Israel

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world and profoundly affected tourism. Israel has had a great head-start with vaccination. But new variants of the virus has led the Israeli government to postpone lifting travel restrictions.

Below are some travel tips with helpful links for your convenience. Please note that the information in these posts is taken from news outlets and may change at any time. For up-to-date information please consult your travel agency or the Israel embassy in your country.

Update June 27, 2021: Travel restrictions for individual travelers have been extended from July to August. See my post here for more information and links to government websites.

Update April 13, 2021: Israel gradually lifts incoming travel restrictions for tourist groups. See my post here for more information.

Helpful links for travelers planning to visit Israel:

US and other citizens – helpful checklist: U.S. Embassy in Israel COVID-19 Information

Israel Ministry of Health website

Israel Ministry of Health: COVID-19 Air Transport

Israel Ministry of Health: Information for Travelers Arriving in Israel

Israel Population and Immigration Authority: Policy of entry into Israel during the coronavirus period

Israel Ministry of Health: Coronavirus information and guidance

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention): International Travel During COVID-19