Covid-19 Updates

Note: This is a re-post from April 13, 2021.

Today the Israeli Minister of Tourism announced that starting May 23 Israel will allow a limited number of organized groups to enter the country. All tourists visiting Israel are required to take a PCR corona-virus test as well as an antibody test to prove they were vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19, within 72 hours of boarding the flight.

Sea of Galilee as seen from the Pilgerhaus Tabgha

Provided that the corona-virus infections continue to decline, Israel will further ease restrictions by late June to allow more organized groups into the country. Entrance to individual travelers is expected to be granted in July.

More than 60% of Israel’s population has been vaccinated, making Israel the worldwide leader in vaccination. As a result, new corona-virus infections are declining rapidly. Only a couple of weeks have passed since the last lock-down, but much has changed. Israel has opened restaurants, removed many restrictions on gatherings, and daily life has almost returned to normal.

Hamezeg bar at Ibn Gvirol St., Tel Aviv

To fight the corona-virus, Israel issued restrictions for places and events to people who have been fully vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19. People who wish to participate in indoor activities such as visiting restaurants, hotels, theaters, indoor concerts, gyms, and more must present a “green pass” as proof. People are still required to wear masks in public places, except for outdoor sports. Some of these restrictions are expected to be lifted soon.

As a requirement for reopening hotels and tourist attractions, all hospitality staff must be vaccinated. Many Israelis enjoy their new old freedom and many hotels enjoy strong bookings.

Allenby Street entrance to Carmel market

If you wish to visit Israel this year, you should make your plans soon. And the sooner you arrive, the better the chance that you can visit the sites of your choice without the usual crowds of visitors waiting in line.

Hope to see you soon.

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